Moving Tips



Often times people will try to “save money” by renting a smaller truck. Although they are easier to drive and better on gas, a smaller truck will bite you in the end by causing you to make an extra trip if all your stuff doesn’t fit in it. It also takes longer to load up if you have to painstakingly fit everything into a smaller space. If in doubt, get the bigger truck. You’ll be glad you did.




People will also try to “save money” by getting “free” boxes from a grocery store or liquor store. It’s better to buy 3 sizes of new boxes. Ten small, ten medium, and ten large, say. Boxes that are the same size will fit together better in the truck. Also, be sure to label your boxes according to where they go in your new house. This will help us move you in efficiently without adding time. Boxes that won’t close properly won’t stack properly, and thus cause problems in loading. Tape them up well.


Example of the effeciency of space when boxes are of equal size



Triage your stuff. Do you really want to pay to have a half bottle of Windex packed and then moved? It’s taking up truck space, taking labor, and you may even be putting it in a storage unit for awhile. Don’t do it! Give it to your neighbor, or throw it away. Have a yard sale. Go to Goodwill. Get new stuff at your new place. It’s a money saver. Moving time is a great time to downsize your clutter. Don’t pay more than something is worth just to move it. You’re welcome!



Moving is stressful because you don’t do it everyday, it disrupts your routine and costs more than you think. Be organized by getting a head start on everything. Make it simple. Have a plan, and don’t just “wing it.” Call us for free consultation, we are glad to help!

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